Vets Buried in Florida

November 15, 2011

Welcome to our first non-Nebraska genealogy blog.

This data is taken from a collection of 9 reels of microfilmed burial cards created by the W.P.A. to collect data about veterans buried in the state of Florida. It does not include veterans from WWII or any war after that, as the W.P.A. was discontinued in World War II and the data collection was not resumed. There are men from both sides of the Civil War, as might be expected.

The data includes men from many states who died and were buried in Florida.  The index includes the names, death dates, and the burial city, county & state.  IF the birth state or country was given, it is included. There is a great deal more information on some of the cards, such as: the name of next of kin/person who arranged the burial, the exact birth place, a birth date, burial date, unit & war served in, and sometimes even directions to the cemetery.  Not all cards include all of this information, and there is over one reel of “unknowns”.  Because of the variables in the amount of data, the index only includes the four items listed above, although most of the cards listed here do include much more information than the four indexed item, and some don’t include an item that we do index, but have a lot of other info.

We hope this helps you in your family searches.

Some of the veterans were born in other countries, but served in the US military, so that you may note other countries in the birth space.

While we have cards three reels transcribed at present, there are parts of other reels, and we will continue to add names over the next few months, until all the cards from reels 2 through 9 are indexed into a format suitable for web use. (Reel one has no identifiable names) If you recognize a vet from your family, you can visit the W. Dale Clark Library in Omaha, or if you want a copy of the card(s) and can’t visit Omaha, we can email you a copy for $5. per card.  Please send the request to GOGS, P.O. Box 4011, Omaha, NE  68104-0011.  or you can contact